A month-long “Children for Children” Kiddies Fiesta was conducted in the performing arts domain as part of Children’s Day celebration at the Indian School, Riffa campus. It was an all-inclusive, all participatory activity across the school.

Students explored the evolution of music and cinema through various eras including albums from 1960 through 2019 and enjoyed performing for their peer in colourful attire and props. The class-wise fiesta was truly an experiential life-skills programme that aimed at nurturing confidence and teamwork.

In addition, special assemblies were conducted on November 14 paying tribute to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India on his 130th birth anniversary.

The school initiated a new venture on this occasion “Drop Everything and Re-hydrate (DEAR)” where students took a pledge to re-hydrate themselves. It is a daily water break at 10:45am, signaled by a bell, as a reminder to re-hydrate and has been introduced for the benefit of students and staff.

As part of International Children’s day Celebration on November 20 primary students took part in a JAM ( Just A Minute) speech competition where moral values were highlighted in topics covering safety, good manners, caring, being environmentally savvy and the vision of today’s children. Kudos to the teachers who trained all students to perform to perfection.

Students for World Peace

Based on the UNESCO theme of World Peace, the school also conducted a special assembly.  The programme which was organised by the Middle Section students started with school prayer and motivational thought, followed by students’ speeches. A spectacular dance performance based on American artist Michael Jackson’s song Heal the World was also presented to highlight the theme peace.