The total returned Cheques during last October reached 8091 bank Cheques with a value of 26.7 million dinars, according to the latest data of the Central Bank of Bahrain. According to CBB data, Cheques returned for financial reasons amounted to 6348 Cheques valued at BD 19.8 million, or 78.45% of the total number of Cheques returned, while Cheques returned for technical reasons amounted to 1743 Cheques with a value of 6.8 million dinars, or 21.54% of the total number of Cheques.

The value of the returned Cheques was about 3.6% of the total value of Cheques issued in the Kingdom last October, which amounted to 26.7 million dinars, compared with 3.5% in September, which amounted to 23.5 million dinars.

In terms of the number of returned Cheques was 3.1% in October 2019, compared to 3.4% last September.

The number of issued Cheques increased by 8.84% to reach 260.5 thousand Cheques worth 736.7 thousand dinars last October, compared to 239.3 thousand Cheques in September 2019 worth 665.3 million dinars.

In recent years, bank Cheques have remained an important priority for settlement of commercial payments, with around 3.3 million bank Cheques with a value that exceed 10 billion dinars.