Essam Khalaf, the Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, opened the second phase of the the on-going Saar Avenue and the intersection of 35th Street, by opening two other traffic lights from the project, so that the street has two tracks in each direction starting from the Saar roundabout on Budaiya Street to Road 1725 south, as the completion rate reached about 85%.

He pointed out that the work of the project includes the expansion of the street with a length of 14 km long and the establishment of nearly 400 parking lots along the street, especially near the Saar Mosque, establishing 4 commercial streets that will serve shops and facilitate the entry of residents to their homes with ease, and will establish a pedestrians walk paths along the street in both directions.

The project is estimated with a total length of 1,250 km, it also includes the establishment of a new sewage network, new lighting network and cabling connection of Electricity and Water, telecommunications networks in coordination with the Roads Lighting Section and the relevant sections of the Electricity and Water Authority, as well as the establishment of public transport stations in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunication.

It is worth noting that the project overlooks many residential complexes and commercial establishments, in addition to the high traffic volume and pedestrians, in addition to users of bicycles and many entrances to residential areas on both sides of the street which required increasing the carrying capacity of the street to almost the double.

Saar Street can accommodate about 4000 vehicles per hour, and it is planned - after the completion of development - that the waiting time for vehicles will be reduced by 60%. Knowing that the current average traffic volume on the street is 30 thousand vehicles per day in both directions, while in the morning and afternoon rush hours the traffic density is approximately 2000 vehicles per hour for each direction.

This project is expected to increase the capacity of the street after the development to 58 thousand vehicles per day with a total cost of 2,850,975 dinars, where Jalal Al Aali & Sons was selected by the Tender Board to implement the project.