The Professional Fishermen society (Fish Society Bahrain) revealed that the violating fishing operation has become a phenomenon whose heroes are pirates sailors who are fishing without a license and in the period of ban and in ways that violate the law, at the time when the licensed shrimp fishermen were abide by the suspension for a year so far.

A spokesperson said that the Coast Guard is doing its best to implement the law, but the numbers of these fishermen are very big, stressing the need to stop this problem, as efforts must be made by everyone to confront this problem by enforcing law on sellers, buyers as well as violating fishermen.

The society has revealed to "Al-Bilad" that illegal shrimping reached about 40 tons per day on average, equivalent to 14,600 tons annually, explaining that this illegal process is carried out by 500 sailors who are practicing shrimp fishing during the ban period by fishing it by illegal environment harming methods like the bottom trawling.