A number of local banks have warned their clients by SMS messages today not to disclose their credit card information, password, PIN’s or any other private information of any sources through the Internet, telecommunication applications, SMS or e-mail messages.

Banks have called on their customers to directly contact customer services if they receive such requests.

Another bank also warned its customers that the bank will not ask them for their personal or banking information via phone or electronic channels, asking them to report any suspicious communications to the bank's contact numbers.

General Directorate of Anti-Corruption & Economic & Electronic Security warned yesterday of phishing messages requesting to update the bank information of individuals by entering one of the electronic links.

The administration clarified that these messages are phishing attempts, intended to penetrate the password for users of banking services via the Internet, noting that banks do not request any information or passwords via text messages, calling for not to deal with these messages and to delete them once received, and to report any incident, inquiry, or note on the public hotline of the Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security 992 around the clock.