Interior Minister General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa attended today the final exercise of the Coast Guard’s maritime security exercise (Watchful Guard 8). The event was also attended by Chief of Public Security, Lt-General Tariq Al Hassan. The event was held in association with various Interior Ministry Directorates to evaluate readiness to take the necessary precaution measures to protect vital establishments and ensure maritime safety and security.

The Interior Minister was briefed on the implementation process of the drill to achieve its goals through following the required security and legal procedures, in a way that reflects the capability to carry comprehensive joint security work, along with coordination in fulfilling tasks to protect facilities and confront trafficking. He hailed the security preparedness and the drill’s scenarios for helping to achieve goals and performing tasks. He valued the competency and capabilities of the Coast Guard and other participating directorates, along with their cooperation for the success of the event. He directed for the continuation to hold similar exercises to review work procedures and reinforce joint fieldwork.



He also called for holding more similar events to promote the culture of organising exercises that is based on previous expertise. He stressed dedication to developing the coast guard to carry its role in the protection of marine borders and navigation to meet the requirements of the latest regional developments.

The Interior Minister asserted the importance to protect regional waters and tackle related challenges through the exchange of expertise.

The Chief expressed thanks and appreciation to the Interior Minister for his support, highlighting that the event that was organised for the first time in 2012 is a continuation of training to enhance preparedness and skills.



The Coast Guard Commander also thanked the Interior Minister for patronising and supporting the exercise. The Interior Minister inspected new vessels that joined the fleet of the Coast Guard as part of the ongoing modernisation and development process. The boats are equipped with the latest navigation systems.