Allocation of a path for people with visual disabilities in the public walkways has been approved. This was announced by the member of the southern municipal council, Abdullah Ibrahim Abdulatif, through his personal social media account. He expressed his thanks and pride over the approval by the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning to his proposal presented last October.   

Abdulatif explained that, according to the statement of the Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning Eng. Esam Khalaf, his proposal was included within the ministry’s future projects. The minister said that he instructed the municipal specialists to review the preparation of sidewalks in general to facilitate the movement of those who use wheelchairs as well.

About details of his proposal, Abdulatif explained that it is supposed to contain special paths for people with disabilities in general and those with visual disabilities in particular within the scope of the tracks or public parks. The areas that will be specified for them, he noted, must be defined by prominent longitudinal lines as guidelines during their movement, so they can walk alone without the need for help. The walk lines must also have warning points at an intersection and the end of the path to notify people of their arrival with caution.