Building and construction dealers and merchants emphasized that the demand for cement, the main material for construction and the urban progress, has decreased significantly in 2019 with the decrease in the pace of new real estate projects, which is due to a number of economic factors, especially with regard to fees and electricity costs for foreigners.

The manager of United Cement Company, a major provider in the local market, Faisal Shehab, estimated that demand decreased by 27% in 2019, while prices witnessed a significant decrease during the past year.

Shehab indicated that estimates on the volume of domestic consumption in the past year fluctuated  around 1.5 million tons, whether of bulk cement used in factories, concrete companies, bricks, prefabricated roofs or bagged cement used in construction sites.

He added that Bahraini factories provide about 40% of the country's needs of cement now, while the rest of the country is being imported specifically from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Shehab stressed that the decline in construction is not only occurring in Bahrain, but is also in the region, due to harsh economic conditions.