"Albilad" documented the case of the involvement of an expatriate teacher in exams cheating business with university students at mathematics courses taking 20 dinars for answering an exam.

The story of the teacher who is famous for providing what he calls “assistance” for low-level students by communicating with him to get his help by answering the exams and them send it back again through “Whatsapp. This teacher who works in a government school run this business during his working hours.

The source of “Albilad” says that the teacher does not accept electronic payments such as “Benefit”, as he prefers cash payments, and never hesitate to be present at any location determined by students to hand him the amount.

The source of "Albilad" saw screens of "WhatsApp" conversations with the teacher involved in this topic, as a student sent him pages of exam papers, and in minutes the teacher acknowledged that he had received the message, and the answer came back to the student within 15 minutes.

After the exam, the does not stop calling the student in order to receive fees from them.