Fines and imprisonment are proposed to be increased in possessing and dealing with dangerous animals. This came in the most recent meeting of the Capital Secretariat Council that was exclusively reported by Albilad newspaper.

The council’s members supported a proposed law to increase the punishments for not less than a period of one year and not more than a period three year on whoever uses dangerous animals to attack another human being and leads to permanent disability. In addition to imprisonment, the proposal added, fines must start from BD100 don’t exceed BD1000.

The vice-chairman of the Capital Secretariat Council, Aziza Bu-Kamal, exclusively told Albilad newspaper that the financial and legal committees supported the draft proposal on possession of dangerous animals. She noted that we saw that crocodiles were being sold in Bahrain that might kill a person in seconds. This, she added, shows the danger of their presence.

Moreover, the proposal noted, the punishment shall be life imprisonment if the dangerous animal’s assault leads to death and the fine in the said clause shall not be less than BD20,000 and does not exceed BD30,000.

The proposal added that if the assault of the dangerous animal caused to others without the intent of its holder and resulted in death, the animal holder is punished with the penalty of accident manslaughter. The dangerous animal, the proposal stated, in all cases will be kept and the court may order its confiscation according to the result of the medical examination with the holder bearing the expenses.