The Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning welcomed a municipal proposal to form a committee to accelerate the pace of necessary measures regarding warehouses’ violations within residential neighborhoods.

The Minister of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, Eng. Esam Khalf, expressed the use of the proposal and stated that the committee will be a joint one formed by the relevant authorities and the concerned municipal councils.

Khalaf stressed that there is no objection to the existence of coordination and joint cooperation between the competent authorities and all concerned parties to reduce these uncivilized phenomena, which may represent a danger to the safety of citizens in residential areas and lead to traffic congestion within these areas.

He pointed out that with regard to stores that are formed in the buildings’ parking lots, the competent municipality undertakes the process of monitoring them. He noted that the municipality’s monitoring was based on the provisions of the Building Regulation Law in addition to the provisions of the Municipalities Law.

The minister explained that the municipality also watches warehouses associated with loading and unloading operations that take place in public squares within residential neighborhoods, in accordance with the provisions of the Public Road Works Act and its executive regulations.

He concluded that the competent authorities take all necessary measures according to the laws and regulations of these violations, including addressing the Commercial Registry Department at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, as the violation is within its competence.