After being deported from the Kingdom for practicing prostitution, a Russian lady could not stay away from her boyfriend in Bahrain, so she returned to him again, but through a forged passport belongs to her friend, taking the advantage of the similar look between them, but she fell again in the grip of security to be transferred to the Supreme Criminal Court which decided to postpone her case to the January 19 hearing, as she was ordered to remain in detention.

Details go back to when classified information received by the airport police directorate that the accused was expelled from the country on September 5, 2018, but she used a stolen passport in the name of her friend in order to return to the country and was seized in a hotel.

The defendant admitted the incident, noting that she was expelled in September 2018 due to a prostitution case and was deported, but in December of the same year, she stole a passport from her friend while they were in one og GCC countries and used it to enter Bahrain again, justifying her committing the incident because she wants to stay with her GCC boyfriend.

The prosecution assigned to the defendant that, on December 14, 2018, she entered Bahrain illegally, and committed a forgery in an official editor, which is the passport attributed to Russian authority in the name of another person.