The first edition of the revamped Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia’s city of Jeddah was the best in the history of this competition, according to football expert José Félix Díaz, writing in the MARCA sports newspaper.

“There is no doubt that Spanish football saw the best Super Cup ever. The Super Cup has been lacking in the excitement in past years, as it did last year when it was played in the summer without much excitement. Rubiales [Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales] took a step forward and invented a new tournament system that has caught the attention of everyone, even his critics,” adds Díaz.

On Sunday, Real Madrid beat city rivals Atletico Madrid 4-1 in a penalty shootout to win the first edition of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia following a goalless draw after extra time in a tense final.

“Real Madrid return home with a new title, 11 million euros, and a blow to the morale of those who remained behind - like the finalists in the other leagues such as the Champions League and European competitions. Besides those who questioned the results, do not have to look at how the white and red [Atletico Madrid] and Real Madrid played or look at what is happening in Barcelona that could lead to a farewell to Valverde [Ernesto Valverde Barcelona coach].”

Diaz wrote that the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia was a resounding success. “About 160,000 fans attended the King Abdullah Stadium. Women were also able to attend the matches completely freely, something that has not happened so far in a country that is still taking steps to open slowly but continuously. Football has contributed to that openness and now it seems that there is a willingness to change.”

“Many described Luis Rubiales as crazy when he began developing this idea. Today, everyone - including the defeated Barcelona club - is satisfied with the idea, the project, and everything indicates that the model will be copied. Some expected organizational failure, less public presence, and less interest from teams, but the reality was completely different,” he writes.

Luis Rubiales said that “the coaches, the bosses and the players told me they loved it,” according to Diaz.

“The organizing committee of the Spanish Football Federation received a rating of ten. It was not easy when you went against customs and methods of doing business. Also, the federation, as its president says, will take approximately 16 million euros against what has been achieved in Jeddah, especially the recognition of the entire world of football. Success was complete,” wrote Diaz.