A big truck flipped over in the area of Jed Alhajj due to the bad shape of muddy inside roads in the area. Residents and citizens of the area told Albilad newspaper.

They demanded, through the newspaper, the concerned authorities to find a permanent and final solution to the muddy roads in their area as, they noted, was the cause of many traffic accidents as well as it forms a huge obstacle to reach their houses and accommodation.  

They said that they were suffering from an intractable problem in reaching our homes located in Jed Alhajj, block number 514, as the roads were not usable. In addition to that, they noted, they were not paved at all. This, they stated, caused damage to their vehicles passing on these roads on a daily basis. The problem, they explained, worsened in this period as the road has turned into a patch of mud and soft ground.

They said that there was a car that indulges in this mud almost every day and the vehicle can only go out by being towed.

Eyewitnesses told Albilad that a truck loaded with cement flipped over in a muddy road and the driver was injured. This, the witnesses added, proved that the current road is not usable and a solution must be found even if it was temporary until the completion of the construction work.

They concluded that they asked the Roads Department at the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning to consider the matter and prepare a temporary road that runs on Al Nakheel Street to Road 1451/1452 Block 514.