A batch of 110 part-timers working with the Ministry of Information Affairs have become full-time employees.

Assistant Undersecretary for Radio and TV Affairs Abdulla Khalid Al-Dosary announced that procedures have been finalised for the part-timers to be hired on full-time basis.

He praised cooperation between the ministry and the Council of Representatives to advocate key issues which benefit citizens, in addition to other political and economic fields.

He commended the Parliamentary Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs for allocating an additional budget to hire 150 part-timers on full basis.

He lauded the agreement which was renewed between the Ministry of Information Affairs and the general secretariats at the Shura Council and Council of Representatives.

Al-Dosary extended deepest thanks to Council of Representatives Speaker Fawzia bint Abdulla Zainal and lawmakers for showing understanding of the challenges facing the media, which requires further efforts to keep abreast of technical strides as well  human resources and manpower requirements.

He commended the support of the Council of Representatives to the media, particularly Bahrain Radio and TV which reflect the Kingdom’s development strides, stressing keenness on enhancing media work towards achieving desired goals.

He lauded the efforts of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) President Ahmed bin Zayed Al-Zayed and the administrative staff to fast-track the employment of part-timers and remove all curbs within three months.

"The Ministry of Information Affairs highly appreciates these efforts made by the Civil Service Bureau and its keen interest in the Bahraini media staff” Al-Dosary said.