The medical and nursing sectors and other supportive professions in the Ministry of Health are exposed to some executive procedures related to paying annual renewal fees for practicing professions that the Health Professions Authority (NHRA) applies at the Ministry.

NHRA has imposed fees, which amounted to 400 dinars for many employees in the medical and nursing sectors in the ministry, which made workers in these medical sectors complain about the situation.

A wide sector of male and female nurses assured to "Albilad"  that they find themselves under severe pressure as a result of imposing such procedures, noting that the price of renewing the license annually is 40 dinars, but this year they were surprised that the prices jumped hysterically under the pretext of previous overdues.

The number of employees in the Ministry of Health who are due to renew licenses are about 7,000 employees, and they will pay a total of about 280,000 dinars to renew licenses.