The Ministry of Health is closely and continuously monitoring the emerging corona virus in China and following up with the World Health Organization on health developments in this regard.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Health has taken a number of precautionary measures to prepare for and prepare by intensifying the monitoring of the epidemiological situation and preparing guidelines for health workers on the emerging corona virus and how to deal with suspected cases through cooperation and joint coordination with the relevant authorities, as well as coordinating with the administration of the Bahrain International Airport to take a number of precautionary measures and preparations with health guidelines for travelers.

The Ministry of Health stresses the importance of taking health precautions during or after travel, and travelers are also recommended to seek medical attention and inform health-care providers of the places where they were traveling in the event of symptoms of respiratory diseases.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed that there were no suspected cases in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as no cases were recorded in the Arab Gulf region and the Eastern Mediterranean Region according to available monitoring data.