Two Bahraini girls lived their longest horrific hours when they got lost in a dark area and chased by stray dogs. This went viral and received massive comments praising efforts of public security as, without them, the girls would have been stray dogs victims.

Details of their story, as told by one of the girls, indicated that the two girls were used to walking on the Al-Estiklal walkway that is close to National Stadium. That night, she added, they decided to wander around the area to explore it. She said that they got lost and found themselves in a dark area with a big number of stray dogs around them.

Out of fear, she continued, they started running and they were not aware of their destination until they entered a dark place with some sandy hills and an artificial lake of water. She noted that their phone signal was very poor to the extent they could send their location for help.

She indicated that they immediately contacted the emergency department of the Public Security who, thankfully she said, were online with them until they were found. The two girls praised the efforts made by the public security to save them. The public security assured that the girls had entered a restricted area.