“Five are in a critical condition and eleven were wounded most of whom are workers.” These were the latest new from official reports and eyewitnesses about a huge fire that broke out in a restaurant on Budaiya Street. Official information indicated that all cases were transferred to Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), while other sources assured that some cases were transferred to the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) Hospital.

Videos and pictures, that were highly circulated on social media, showed much civil defense as well as ambulance vehicles in the area. The area, as well as Budaiya Street, witnessed a partial closure and heavy traffic jams.

The General Directorate for Civil Defense announced that it sent eight vehicles, forty officers and individuals to and put out and control the fire in a restaurant in Maqabah area on Budaiya Street. The directorate stated, through the official social media accounts of the Ministry of Interior, that preliminary information indicates there were cases of critical condition and injuries while search and rescue work was still ongoing. The directorate added that the competent authorities took necessary procedures at the site.