The inaugural 7-A-Side Football tournament of Goan Football Association (GFA) kicked-off at Al Nojoom ground in Gudaibiya. Eight Goan Community teams registered for the tournament, which was being played to mark the Indian Republic Day Celebrations. The eight teams were divided into two groups and played against each other in the group with top two teams qualifying for the semi-finals.

Riffa Goans, Sporting FC, Castle Boys and Nachinola are in Group A, while Group B comprises of MJD Sports, GFB (Xit-Koddi), Snipers and MJD Salcette. More than 100 Goan players and their families flocked to the ground for the first tournament of the newly launched GFA – Bahrain.

The Goan Football Association was a concept formed by a group of football enthusiasts, who have been planning of uniting the Goan Community footballers of Bahrain under one roof. They successfully launched the Goan Football Association (GFA), Bahrain.

GFA is launched by owners/managers of top Goan football teams in Bahrain. The GFA logo shows the Goan Community teams uniting around football and extending a handshake of friendship under colours of Bahrain and Goa (India). The tag-line of GFA ‘Yallah !!!! Football Khellomya!!!’ has been carefully crafted including Bahraini, English and Konkani word.