In line with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s celebrations of Bahrain Sports Day in its fourth annual edition under the theme ‘Get. Set. Go’, the Indian School Bahrain organized various sports events yesterday at the Isa Town campus.

In celebration of Sports Day, children actively participated in various games and activities. Friendly matches in taekwondo, football, basketball and cricket were held for students. The programme was conducted by the Physical Education teachers under the supervision of HoD Saikat Sarkar. Students from various houses participated in the mass drill.

“The National Sports Day is an excellent initiative to motivate staff and students to work out and instil the culture of sport as a healthy lifestyle”, said ISB Hon. Chairman Prince S Natarajan and Hon. Secretary Saji Antony.

"On this occasion, the Indian School expresses its sincere thanks to the leadership for promoting this special day, which reinforces the concept of a cultural, sporting community and establishes the field of sports as a strategic base", they said.

Principal VR Palaniswamy stressed the significance of sports in enhancing productivity and contributing to achieving the goals of sustainable development, noting the importance of promoting a culture of sports for all.

The Bahrain Indian School also organised multifarious games to celebrate Bahrain Sports Day. Students of BIS participated in various games as held under the guidance of the school’s PE teachers. Sports activities such as relay race. hurdle race, sandplay, Group Relay, Dodge Ball, Kho Kho and Basket Ball were conducted. The event also saw Basket Ball matches being played between the school staff as well.

Pakistan Urdu School also organized different types of sports activities for their students.