The nurse-attacker whose story went viral yesterday was arrested today in less than 24 hours after the news broke. The Ministry of Interior stated that the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science directed the Criminal Investigation Police to intensify investigations.

The Criminal Investigation Police, in cooperation with the Capital Police Directorate, managed to arrest the attacker, who is a 29-year-old Asian. Reasons for the dispute, sources to Albilad newspaper, were financial as the attacker lent the nurse an amount of money and she avoided him for a long time.

Concerned authorities assured that necessary legal procedures have been taken and that the case has been referred to the Public Prosecution.

It is noteworthy that a video of a nurse being tackled and mugged went viral yesterday prompting cause for major concern in Bahrain. The video showed a hospital nurse walking and being followed by a man who moments later strangled her and pushed her to the ground.

The woman was brutally punched, picked up and thrown again to the ground. The attacker ran away when people started noticing. The incident is said to have happened last night at 10:55 pm near the St Mary’s Indian Orthodox Cathedral in Salmaniya area. The incident was recorded on a CCTV camera showing the 60-second ordeal.