The Public Utilities and Environment Committee of the House of Representatives has recommended to approve a draft law that obliges the government to limit the infrastructure fee to 3 dinars per square meter, instead of 12 dinars, as is currently the practice excluding places of worship and there facilities, cemeteries, appendices, and charities from infrastructure fees.

The new draft law obliges the government to reimburse the infrastructure fees for citizens if property or land ownership is transferred to him after paying the infrastructure fee for that property.

The government requested to review the draft law, explaining that there is no justification for this and that there is no urgent need for it, pointing out that the exemption that it aims to increase the financial burdens on the state’s public treasury and reduce its revenues.

In addition, the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning was content about the project, and stated that the draft law harms the state’s general budget and adversely affects its economic position.