The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism intensified inspection tours on pharmacies and outlets to sell masks and sterile materials. Officials at the ministry exclusively told Albilad newspaper.

They noted that the ministry decided to conduct inspection tours, by the Inspection Department, in the morning and evening to ensure that they are offered and sold at reasonable prices and not hidden. They assured that tours started yesterday by visiting many pharmacies and commercial shops in all governorates. They confirmed that 14 establishments were given a final warning for raising prices which, they added, was explicit violations of the Consumer Protection Law. These facilities, they said, were being followed up to verify their compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in this regard.

The Ministry, they asserted, confirmed its readiness to control any violation during its continuous inspection campaigns even on holidays and at different times. They noted that integrated inspection plans were prepared to deal with the current situation.

It is noteworthy that the ministry warned that it would not hesitate to carry out the necessary penalties for the perpetrators of commercial violations that reach the closure of the shop or any penalties prescribed in this regard in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The ministry called on consumers to immediately report any observations that they discover or any complaints about masks or sterile materials by contacting the Ministry’s communications center at 80001700 or via the “Tawasul” system or the Inspection Department email: Or any other communication channel available to the Ministry.