The Ministry of Health has announced that it has registered 3 new confirmed cases (3 female citizens) of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, increasing total confirmed cases to 36. The lab tests were positive and they have been immediately transferred to one of the insulation centers to receive the needed treatment and care.

The ministry also confirmed that all the coronavirus cases in the country are stable and being monitored by specialized medical staff.

The ministry of health renewed to all citizens and residents that it is available 24/7 to support them and that they could call 444 to shedule an appointment for a check up, and asks people having symptoms to stay in an isolated room in their residence until the check up and following all the instructions given by the medical team, and the importance of staying away from people to prevent the spread of the virus to their families.

Citizens and residents health is the number one priority according to The Ministry of Health, and it will continue to take the required precautionary and preventive measures, in cooperation with the concerned authorities, insuring the health of arrivals, their siblings and all members of society form COVID-19, continuing to fight the disease according to the medical protocols, global guidelines and Gulf Health Council guidelines, asking everybody to cooperate with the authorities to reduce the spread of the virus from the principle of shared national responsibility.

The Ministry noted its constant desire to inform everyone of all developments and instructions about the Corona virus (Covid 19) and to announce all new cases that are confirmed to be infected with the virus periodically, praising the community awareness of citizens and residents and their keenness to obtain information about infected cases or any decisions and information from its official sources, And their commitment to apply all instructions issued by the Ministry to ensure the safety of all.