To initiate awareness among labourers, the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) had initiated an awareness campaign on how to prevent exposure to Coronavirus. ICRF volunteers continued their Coronavirus Disease Exposure Prevention Awareness Campaign in various labour camps.

Six different teams distributed flyers along with over soaps and masks sponsored by Galem Cargo and Abul Hasan Trading. They had visited camps located in Sitra, Asker, Sanad, Central Market, Zinj, Eker, Salmabad etc.

ICRF is known for helping the economically weaker section of the Indian community in Bahrain. This includes Legal Aid, Emergency Help, Community Welfare Services, Medical assistance, Counseling etc.

“ICRF has suspended all activities of emergency support such as mortuary support and dry ration supplies. All the other activities, community services are all on hold for the time being considering the COVID-19 situation” announced ICRF Chairman Aruldas Thomas.

“The Bahrain government and authorities are doing a good job and giving their best-containing COVID-19. It is our responsibility to support them by following all their instructions” he added.

He further urged members to follow social distancing, avoid going out unnecessarily and to avoid all gatherings. The prevailing situation is the time to show social commitment and collective responsibility he highlighted.

“Even a small act of kindness or following the rules will have a huge impact and results in protecting all communities. It is important that we think about the mental health and wellbeing of all our community members. We may come across people who are anxious or sad, calm, bold, confused, stressed, lonely or maybe all these together. We need to give them confidence and courage that such time will pass and we shall overcome all these complications” he added.