Dubai Police arrested a European man who posted a video of himself at a local beach, in violation of instructions issued by the United Arab Emirates to avoid gathering in public places amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a statement on WAM news agency on Monday.

“The Dubai Police warned everyone to not violate local and federal laws, as well as instructions issued by security authorities, adding that anyone violating these measures will be held fully legally accountable,” read the report on WAM.

The arrest announced on WAM on Monday comes a day after another arrest was made on a European national who posted a video on social media at a beach in Dubai mocking precautionary measures issued by authorities.

"The law will strictly deal with anyone risking the security, safety and comfort of members of our society," Dubai Police said in a statement.

The UAE reported 45 new cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 198 as on Monday.