When the International Triathlon Union decided to suspend the racing season until the end of April due to COVID-19, many athletes were instructed to continue preparing as if the Olympic and Paralympic Games would be held as scheduled, despite growing uncertainty that COVID-19 as a global concern would be resolved by then.

“I think it’s very important these days that as an athlete we do respect that global health and safety is more important than ‘just’ sport,” says Kristian Blummenfelt, who is home in Norway after attending a training camp in Phuket, Thailand through the early part of the year.

“It’s important that we all respect the rules and guidelines we have been given, so we can defeat this virus together and come stronger out of it.”

He adds, “I was really looking forward to travelling to Super League Triathlon NEOM in Saudi Arabia to race in my new red colour tri suit to represent Bahrain Endurance 13 for the very first time, but understandably that race got postponed.”

Meanwhile, he has continued to train. He says, “I try to keep a positive mindset and do all the training I can do as good as I can. I do a lot of riding indoors on my turbo, and since all swimming pools are closed I try to compensate with dryland swimming with elastic bands.

“As all my races this year have been postponed or cancelled, I haven’t got the chance to achieve and showcase my form and fitness yet this year. But my time will come, and I will be well-prepared to race when we have overcome the virus.

“My goal is still to win the Olympics in Tokyo!”