More than 1,600 teachers and education ministry staff are benefiting from 10 distance-training programs to develop their technological and creative skills, the acting director of the Regional Center for Information and Communication Technology has said.

The training will enhance the learners' capabilities in the distance education process, Mai Ahmed Shamandi said.

The new programs vary in their topics and their cognitive and skill content and cover various training needs as it includes skills for producing digital educational content, content production standards, designing and using modern technologies in education, such as digital learning objects and infographics, and designing and applying hologram technology in education, she said.

The programs address the methodology of designing and producing e-lessons and distance training programs, preparing guides for learners and distance trainers, the characteristics of e-books and the foundations of their production, information and network security, and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals program that addresses all the goals with a focus on the fourth goal, she added.

The center, under the Education Ministry, has adopted a series of electronic procedures to assist applicants in joining training programs, the acting director said.

They include announcing the programs through the center's online portal and social media, online registration, and handing an electronic guide to the trainee through a text message that includes confirmation of acceptance into a program.