H.E. Dr. Waleed Khalifa Al Manea, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, revealed that the ministry has introduced specific experiments that depends on introducing new medical robots in isolation at isolation and quarantine centers treating coronavirus-infected patients as a step towards experimenting artificial intelligence technology for the first time in the kingdom. 

He pointed out to the Ministry's periodic follow-up of the developments and technologies presented in the field of diagnosis and treatment of (Covid-19) where the health sector is witnessing a new boom with the start of the use of medical robots, so the Ministry of Health decided to take advantage of this a safer option as they are contagion-proof and at the same time allow medical staff to communicate freely with patients without coming into close contact with them. 

Fatima Al-Ahmed, the assistant undersecretary for resources and services, explained that one of the robots examines the patient's body temperature, provides medication and meals, and can follow up patients through Face-ID and speak 12 different languages. While other robots used to sterilize surfaces, rooms and buildings. The ministry stated that these robots are equipped with sensitive sensors and cameras through which they communicate with the surrounding environment, move from one location to another and talk to patients and personnel.