The amount of imported face masks by Bahrain reached BD6.2 million in March. This is according to the official statistics of Customs Affairs data published on the official website of the Information and E-Government Authority. 

The official statistics noted that the value of imported quantities increased by more than 3000% last April, compared to the total value of the quantities imported in the first quarter of this year.

The spread of the Corona virus increased the demand for muzzles very significantly during last April compared to the first three months of the year 2020,

The official statistics added that Bahrain has imported about 178.1 thousand kilograms of masks, including 141.8 thousand kilograms of masks used by surgeons during operations and face masks to prevent dust and odors at a value of approximately BD5.1 million, while about 36.3 thousand kilograms of “other ready-made items” were imported with a total value of BD1.1 million.