The Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) has announced that the total number of passengers arrived on evacuation flights due to (COVID-19) reached 5570 passengers, while the number of departing passengers were 2964 passengers.

In implementation of the directives of the Minister of Interior, the status of all violators have been corrected and unconditionally extended the validity of all visit visas and residence permits for 3 months from the date of issuance of the decision automatically without fees, as well as extending the stay period for expired or canceled stays automatically without fees for the end of the current year.

Noting that the number of those whose status was changed giving them a 3-month grace period reached 54,891, while the number of those who had a completed or canceled residency arrived and their status was corrected about 82065 as these decisions aim to correct the status of violators in the current period due to the conditions of some residents and visitors and their inability to travel due to the cancellation of travel flights and the closure of many ports in their countries.

With regard to expats in violation of the residence and visa law, the administration has taken a number of measures that included evacuating the violators or those who want to travel from residents and visitors, facilitating their return procedures while exempting them from bearing travel costs and airline tickets, and not taking any legal measures or penalties for them regarding the violation. And that is through coordination with the embassies of their countries regarding data and information, while accommodating the violators until their travel time.