Justin Siberell, the US ambassador to Bahrain, stressed that the free trade agreement between Bahrain and the United States of America since its entry into force in 2006 contributed to doubling the rates of trade exchange.

He pointed out that the trade exchange between the two countries increased from 782 million dollars in 2005 to exceed 3 billion dollars in 2019, in addition to 1.3 billion dollars, which is the value of trade exchange services according to the statistics of 2018.

He stated that the agreement provides investment opportunities for companies, including small and medium enterprises in the two countries, to benefit from the markets of Bahrain and America, and that there are opportunities for women to benefit from the agreement. 

Bahrain Export Manager, Safaa Abdul Khaliq, spoke about the Bahraini Export Initiative and its contribution to enabling Bahraini companies to grow and export their products and services to global markets by forming partnerships with their customers, promoting and updating solutions to develop national exports, discovering new opportunities and helping to open the doors of more markets Global for Bahraini companies.

She pointed out that the Bahrain Export Center in 18 months was able to support the export of products and services to Bahraini companies with more than 32 million dollars in more than 32 markets around the world, and 45 products and services were supported in this period, Explaining that more than 70% of the Bahraini exporting companies work in various fields, and more than 27% of the Bahraini exporting companies succeeded in entering new markets, more than 30% of the companies were able to export for the first time, and more than 20% of the exporters are businesswomen , and more than 18% of export service providers.

In addition, American Customs Expert, Jazz Davids, stated that Bahrain's total exports to the United States for the fiscal year 2018-2019 increased from about $ 967.079 million in 2018 to almost $ 985.94 million in 2019.

He pointed out that Bahrain's exports of textiles include clothes, pillows, and surgical and cotton towels, and the value of its exports in fiscal year 2018 amounted to 82.38 million dollars, and 71.65 million dollars in fiscal year 2019.