Education Minister Dr. Majid bin Ali Al Nuaimi has affirmed that the health and safety of students as well as the administrative, educational and technical staff are top priority. He stressed that the Ministry of Education will spare no effort in protecting them while ensuring continuity of the educational process in public and private schools as well as higher educational establishments and kindergartens. He pointed out that the administrative, educational and technical staff will return in thenextacademic year on September 6, 2020 while students will return on September 16, 2020. He noted that private schools will open their doors according to their scheduled dates which differ from one school to another, starting from mid August until the outset of September 2020.

The Minister of Education asserted that all precautionary measures to curtail the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) will be taken into consideration in accordance with the health recommendations of the National Medical Task Force for Combating Coronavirus. He added decisions in this regard will be reviewed periodically to ensure the health and safety of all. He also pointed out that the Ministry of Education will continue using the mechanisms of distance learning as part of the educational system with the beginning of the new academic year after proving its success during the second semester of this year amid the exceptional circumstances engendered by coronavirus. He underlined keenness on upgrading the experience in the required way to serve the educational process in the Kingdom of Bahrain.