The Licensing Affairs Department of the General Traffic Department affirmed the necessity of regular checking on vehicles during the Summer, especially with the intense heat that causes increased breakdowns, including tire pressure, checking the engine coolant, avoiding overloading especially for trucks, and checking the battery periodically to avoid vehicle burning during Driving, complying with 30% for heat ray bans to avoid poor visibility during night driving, which exposes the driver and road users to the risk of traffic accidents.

The statement added that during the summer period, tire may get cracks or other damages, which may cause traffic accidents or disruption of movement, so it is necessary to check the level of air pressure in the tires, which must be of high quality, pointing out to the importance of the vehicle being free of high pressure canisters or aerosols, batteries and everything that represents a danger when temperatures rise.

The Director of Licensing Affairs Department at the General Traffic Department, Mohamed Mahmood, called for the necessity of ensuring the validity of the vehicle spare parts that are damaged during the summer and the required conditions before technically inspecting the vehicle in the General Traffic Department, indicating that work times start at 6:00 am until 2:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday, in addition to the external centers for technical inspection that follow the private sector at different times.