An emotional relationship led a trusted employee to six months in prison, paying bail, or do community service. The court acquitted the employee’s girlfriend. 

Details of the case, upon court’s documents, indicated that the court sentenced an employee to be imprisoned for 6 months and estimated the bail of BD500 to stop the execution, or replace the punishment by requiring him to work in community service. The court has also decided to oblige him to return the embezzled amount of money. 

Details indicated that the suspect was the company’s most trusted employee as his job was to collect big amounts of money and deposit them in the bank on a daily basis. 

He did his job honestly until an emotional relationship came up in his life. The relationship, upon his confessions, increased the expenses and exceeded his salary as his girlfriend demand got bigger. This, he added, made him think to steal the money he transfers everyday to the bank. 

The company’s lawyer, Mohamed Al-Mahdi, said that the manager discovered that BD46,200 were not entered into the company’s bank account.  When he asked the suspect, he said that he was too busy and could not go to the bank, but he would deposit the amount the next day.

The next day, Al-Mahdi added, the suspect informed the manager that he went to a swimming pool with his girlfriend, and the amount was in the car. When they returned to the car, he discovered that the money had been stolen. 

The manager said that the suspect pledged to pay the missing amount and signed a receipt for that, but the manager had doubts and notified the police. 

The police raised the fingerprints on the defendant’s car, but found no strange fingerprints except the suspect’s fingerprint and his girlfriend, so they were arrested and the prosecution charged them with embezzlement.