The Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health, Dr Waleed Al Manea, highlighted the importance of public responsibility to contain the COVID-19 at a press conference today.

He reiterated that the Ministry of Health is following all indicators related to the virus, after which the necessary precautionary measures are taken.

“From the total number of existing Covid-19 cases, Bahrain has a recovery of over 70.45% and a death rate of 0.24%. In addition to this, the bed capacity at Bahrain's Covid-19 facilities; Isolation and treatment capacity stands at 8,170 beds, of which 3,922 are currently occupied,” he added.

Strict legal measures will be taken against shops and stores that violate the precautionary measures that are set in place. Dr Manea stressed that funeral ceremonies and funerals be conducted with limited family members according to the precautionary measures issued. Dr Manea emphasized that preventive precautions for funerals involve wearing masks and gloves while leaving a safe distance between mourners and to avoid shaking hands or embracing.

Individuals must contact the Kingdom’s health authorities as soon as they experience COVID-19, stated Dr Waleed Al Manea. He reiterated that early detection would guarantee swift isolation and treatment while limiting potential public exposure to active cases.