“The launch of the “Amazon Saudi Arabia” might increase the pace of competition in the region and for Bahraini merchants,” local experts in the field of e-commerce exclusively told Albilad Newspaper. 

This expectation came after “Amazon Saudi Arabia” website was officially launched recently. 

They added  due to the proximity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and the facilitated products shipping to the Kingdom, which constitutes a new option for consumers, the shipping feature and options will be a milestone for the Saudi company.

The founder of the Bahrain-based “Dakakeen” platform, Mohamed Fakhro, noted that “Dakakeen” platform which he said was considered one of the largest electronic markets in the region would have negative repercussions on the market in Bahrain in terms of high competition and the presence of an easy option. Especially, he added, with the geographical proximity of Saudi Arabia. 

Fakhro indicated that it was like an wake-up call to all merchants and business owners who did not pay attention to e-commerce to start thinking in practice of moving their business to e-commerce. He pointed out that the electronic platforms can provide nearly 300 million products while the large supermarkets do not provide more than 100 products on their shelves, and this shows the vast difference and real competition between the two methods.

It is noteworthy that “Amazon” announced that the Saudi platform includes millions of products from the most prominent local and international companies, including products available on the Amazon store in the United States.