An unidentified woman managed to buy goods worth BD447 from and left without paying. This went viral as the story was told by sellers in Jedhafs fish, fruits and vegetables market. 

Details of the story, that was told to several social media accounts, indicated that a lady who was wearing a face mask bought a variety of goods like fish, fruits and vegetables worth BD447 and promised she would pay through “BenefitPay” app. 

One of the sellers said that when the woman had its goods delivered to her car, she claimed that her phone battery went off and she would send the amount later. He noted that she gave him a phone number which, later, turned out that it wasn’t her number . 

He assured that all sellers have reported it to the police but, he added, it was clear that the woman has sufficient experience in frauds. The CCTV cameras revealed that she had put reflection tape on the car number and she was wearing the face mask the moment she arrived to the market.