Under the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, the Ministry’s Undersecretary for Works Affairs, Ahmed Al Khayyat, with the Chairman of the Municipal Council for the Southern District, Bader Al-Tamimi and a number of the Ministry’s engineers, opened the road overlooking Ramez shopping center and Riffa first fuel station; within the plan of making new routes to the Hajiyat area in the city of Riffa in order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic to those coming from Istiqlal Highway.

The Ministry of Works has started a project for developing Alba and Nuwaidrat Intersections Development Project, to provide the necessary routes for the areas around the project to facilitate access to it and create a better environment for housing and commercial projects in the area.

The Ministry has provided three exits for Hajiyat area to ​​Istiklal Highway, adjacent to Kingdom University and the housing project besides other new outlet, in addition to two other exits in the same area of ​​AlMuaskar Highway.