The unknown person, who uses the BenefitPay App to steal people, managed to con another store for the second day in a row. 

The suspect, thought to be a lady, succeeded to make her second fraud by buying goods from a sore in Samaheej area worth BD37. Her trick this time was that the app wasn’t working.

The owner of the store, that sells grains and dates,  said that the unknown person that was wearing a face mask bought stuff worth BD37. She, he added, said that she would pay by BenefitPay after he put all the stuff she bought in her car. He said that he trusted her and allowed her to leave especially, he added, that she opened that app, but it was not working. She, he noted, gave him her phone number to call her in case he didn’t receive the amount. 

He concluded that he didn’t discover until later that he was conned as he kept calling the number she gave him, but nobody answered.

It is noteworthy that the same lady managed yesterday to buy goods worth BD447 from and left without paying in Jedhafs fish, fruits and vegetables market.