“The company almost canceled the idea of ​​a car- cinema,” the CEO of Bahrain Cinema Company, Ahmed Rashid, exclusively told Albilad Newspaper.

He noted that the cancellation of the idea was due to a number of considerations, including the high degrees of temperature in the summer months.

Rashid told Albilad that the company studied the idea and considered it not feasible to open this type of cinema. This type of cinema, he explained, required car owners to leave their cars’ engine working for two hours to get cold air, and it may not be a good idea for many. He added that the idea might be good when the weather was colder 

Rashid pointed out that the process of operating and equipping car-cinema requires high costs and entails a significant increase in the price of the ticket to cover the cost. He said that the price of tickets in the UAE reached BD18. 

Rashid noted that the lack of new films currently in light of this global crisis, especially that some films cost production 100 or 200 million dollars, and producers find it inappropriate to present them what causes them a loss or impairment in returns.

It is noteworthy that the Bahrain Cinema Company intended to run the first experience of the car-cinema by the end of June. The company explained that it took the decision after the government closed the cinema since March 18 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 as part of its precautionary procedures to limit the spread of the virus. The Coordination Committee, headed by His Highness the Crown Prince,  announced that car-cinemas would be allowed to operate in accordance with health requirements and the rules of social divergence, with the continued closure of cinemas.

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