The Council of Representatives has participated in the eighth meeting of the fourth session of the second legislative term of the Arab Parliament (AP), which was held remotely on Wednesday.

AP Deputy Speaker, MP Adel Abdulrahman Al-Asoomi, and member, Mamdooh Abbas Al-Saleh, took part in the virtual session.

The AP discussed a number of topics related to strengthening joint Arab action, especially regarding the need to develop a unified Arab strategy to deal with neighbouring countries.

Addressing the session, MP Al-Asoomi called on Arab countries to take a clear, unified stance vis-à-vis the external interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, especially by Iran and Turkey.

He said Bahrain is suffering from Iran’s blatant interference in its domestic affairs by Iran, noting that it has masterminded several coup attempts, supported terrorism and continues to feed extremist groups in order to carry out subversive roles in the kingdom.

“Thanks to its leadership and awareness of its people, Bahrain will remain immune against Iran’s expansionist plans and colonial delusions,” he said, stressing that the kingdom boasts a deep-rooted civilisation and a history spanning more than 5000 years BC, and therefore no one can undermine it or target it.

Commenting on the Qatari AP member’s call for from rapprochement with Iran despite its destructive roles in the Arab countries, MP Al-Asoomi urged the Qatari member to take a clear stance by condemning Iran's conduct regarding its ambitions to annex Bahrain, given the fact that the kingdom is an integral part of the Arab world, and that rapprochement with Iran cannot be justified by the existence of investment goals, as the plans that are being hatched on the ground go further than that, and aim to harm Arab countries and jeopardize their sovereignty.

AP Deputy Speaker pointed out that all Arab countries stand with brotherly Egypt in the face of the conspiracy targeting it, noting that Egypt represents the strategic depth of all Arab countries, and that every Arab state that believes in the need to defend just Arab issues should support it in the midst of the current circumstances.

Meanwhile, MP Mamdooh Abbas expressed his rejection of the external interference in Arab countries’ domestic affairs, whatsoever, affirming that such intervention leads to conflicts, destruction and social imbalance.

He affirmed that relations among countries should be based on mutual understanding for the sake of ensuring peoples’ interests.

He indicated that the current situation resulting from the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has shifted the world’s attention towards more joint action to support health, economy and humanitarian issues in general, as well as to launch initiatives that would protect the world and preserve the health of human beings.

He added that the entire world seeks peace, which can be achieved through avoiding interference in the internal affairs of countries.

He affirmed that respect for countries’ sovereignty and good neighbourliness are the basic and fundamental principles of Bahrain’s policy in dealing with its neighbours, as well as and other countries of the world.