“The woman who conned many shops by promising to pay by Benefit-Pay and then fade away was arrested,” this was announced by the Capital Governorate Police Directorate through its official social media accounts. 

The directorate stated that it started intensive  searches and investigations immediately after the incident was reported. Searches and investigations resulted in the identification and arrest of the 34-year-old woman.

The Capital Governorate Police Directorate confirmed that the necessary legal measures were taken to refer the case to the Public Prosecution. 

It is noteworthy that woman’s story went viral as she managed to buy goods worth BD447 and left without paying in Jedhafs fish, fruits and vegetables market. She was wearing a face mask claimed that she would pay through Benefit-Pay, but her phone battery went off after she had all the food stuff in her car. She promised to send the amount later, but the phone number she gave sellers was disconnected. 

She did it again the next day in Samaheej area by the same way after buying food stuff worth BD37. This time she claimed that the app was not working.