Thousands of Indians in Bahrain were provided with food kits as part of an initiative to provide relief to those suffering the economical impacts of Covid-19. The Indian community relief Fund (ICRF) launched several initiatives which include the distribution of antiseptic soaps, awareness flyers and videos along with mental health well-being and support.

ICRF is continuing to support the community through various activities and has a designated team, selected from various states of India who are in the forefront to address the need from the community.

Dry Food ration Kits

Till date, nearly 2200 Food Kits sufficient enough for approximately two weeks for nearly 8000 members were distributed. ICRF aims to feed unfortunate workers and their families have been affected by the prevailing situation.

Soaps and Flyers

ICRF also flagged off their Covid-19 project by distributing more than 4000 antibacterial soaps in the labour camps. Flyers and posters with Disease exposure prevention instructions were produced with the support of the Embassy.

The materials in different Indian languages were distributed across Bahrain including labour camps and labour moving locations. We have already distributed nearly 10,000 flyers. Social media platforms promoted videos in different languages on steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

Reusable face masks

With the help of the Indian Embassy, more than 10,000 reusable face masks were distributed at various locations in Bahrain. Another 10,000 reusable face masks will be distributed in the coming weeks.


Videos in different languages on steps to prevent the spread of virus were promoted through various social media platforms across Bahrain and outside. 

Mental Wellbeing

ICRF has seen a rise in cases of emotional distress and depression in the past few weeks. ICRF LIFE mental well-being posters with numbers to reach our specialist team in times of anxiety is appearing in local print media as well as in social media. A team led by Dr Babu Ramachandran handles calls from people on distress, depression or anxiety and provide advice on mental well-being.

Family Welfare Fund

During the last 6 months, ICRF has paid Rs.100,000 each to 15 families. An additional 10 family welfare fund disbursements are being processed now.

ICRF has been supporting the unfortunate families with the Family Welfare Fund for over a decade. We shall be extending the same support to COVID victims as well, falling within the same criteria of eligibility” said ICRF Chairman Aruldas Thomas.

One of the major functions of ICRF, the Family Welfare Fund, supports the family members of unfortunate Indians. As per the scheme, the Family Welfare Fund will provide financial assistance of Rs, 100,000 (Rupees One Lakh) to the dependents of a deceased Indian residing in Bahrain, who earns less than BD 100/- per month.