Two young women passed away because of fire broke out in their houses. This was announced today by the Ministry of Interior through its official social media accounts.

The first was 20-year-old from Bilad Al-Qadeem area as a result of injuries she sustained in a fire that broke out in her family’s house months ago. 

The other demise was a 35-year-old woman who passed away in a fire that broke out in a house today in the northern Sehla area. Sources told Albilad that the woman was a housemaid who freaked out and stayed in an isolated room to run away from the fire. 

The General Directorate of Civil Defense stated that despite controlling the fire, the death was a result of suffocation. The directorate said that the cause of the fire a short circuit. 

The Ministry of the Interior assured that everything was under control and the necessary official procedures were taken by concerned authorities. 

It urged all to take maximum precautions in general and those regarding electricity connections and fire, to avoid dangerous incidents that might put souls in danger.