The first-ever gold bullion ATM on the island was inaugurated which enables to easily buy gold bullions by cards or “BenefitPay”. The Director of Public Relations and Communications at Arihant Jewelry, Maryam Ghazi, exclusively revealed to AlBilad Newspaper. 

Ghazi assured that the ATM operates in accordance with Islamic law in Bahrain and the world in its stores. 

She added that the ATM device, called Gold Mine, was an ATM through which the customer can buy gold bullions and the payment can be made through bank cards, credit cards, and digital mobile wallet (max wallet) or “BenefitPay”. 

Ghazi said that individuals can buy gold bars from 8 different weights, and the price of these bars would be linked to the international average price of gold. She added that customers would be able to purchase more than one piece in the future. 

Ghazi emphasized that the device had the best protection for the customer from money laundering operations, as all modern methods and electronic payment technology have been used. She pointed out that the company was keen to represent Bahrain in the highest ranks, and aspires to become the main center in the Middle East region for gold bars.

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First-ever gold bullion ATM