Dr. Mohamed Mubarak Bin Daina, CEO of the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE), and Amin Alarrayed, CEO of Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company (Edamah), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to boost cooperation and maximize the economic and environmental benefits of their projects.

Under the MoU, the SCE will provide Edamah with technical and educational environmental support through workshops, lectures, and symposiums, as well as results of the latest environmental studies.

Edamah will provide proposals and studies on the development of, and investment in, some SCE properties and facilities. The two parties will create a joint mechanism for the management, development, and investment of these properties.

Dr. Bin Daina said the SCE is eager to strengthen cooperation with the real estate sector in the kingdom, hailing Edamah's role in realizing Bahrain's 2030 vision through its diversified development portfolio, particularly projects, programs and commercial activities that seek to develop public facilities in the kingdom.

Alarrayed praised the SCE's role in protecting the environment in Bahrain and appreciated its efforts to constructively connect the various sectors in the kingdom.

Edamah is ready to provide the necessary support to realize the joint objectives that serve Bahrain and its people, he said.