“The club intends to form the first-ever cricket team in a local club,” Busaiteen Club’s board member and club’s sports activity head, Ehsan Al-Abbasi exclusively told Albilad Newspaper. 

He added that the team, from the Pakistani community, would make Busaiteen Club the first local club to include a cricket activity in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Al-Abbasi added that the club obtained the official approval to establish the team after submitting an official request to the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs and the Bahrain Cricket Association. He assured that the approval came as there was a ready and integrated team from the Pakistani community. He noted that the club’s request included adding the cricket game alongside football, table tennis, volleyball, and athletics. 

About the feasibility of establishing a cricket team in the absence of citizens practicing the game and limiting it to the Indian and Pakistani community, Al-Abbasi said that football was not a Bahraini game. He added that football was an English game and others said it was an Indian. He noted that the main goal behind forming the team was investment and marketing in case of building a stadium especially, he added, since most of the game practitioners were from the category of merchants and businessmen.

Al-Abbasi also indicated that the club was about to form an artistic theater, starting from the club’s role in the cultural side, not just the sport.