Doctors at the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) have not been on leave for more than five months. This went viral as doctors at SMC took the social media to talk about being not allowed to take any annual leave for the 5th consecutive month. The topic received massive comments. Some were with the decision and others were against. 

They stated that it was the fifth month and matters of taking annual leaves were still ambiguous. They noted that other hospitals have allowed their doctors to take leaves even if they were short ones. 

The comments that were with not giving annual leaves to doctors, stated that doctors were most needed as the country was suffering from the spread of COVID-19. The comments which were against not giving annual leaves to doctors stated that they must be given leaves even very short ones. 

The doctors pointed out all doctors need to rest, even a little, in order to reduce the pressure they were suffering in light of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic which, they noted, was still ongoing and there was no known date for its end yet.